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Our animals at Millinghof

Farm holidays means getting to know the animal world!

  • Hunde
  • Katzen
  • Schafe und Ziegen
  • Hasen
  • Enten & Hühner
  • Hunde

    Our pet and farm dog is called Balu and belongs to the Leonberger breed.

    His mother, Farah, unfortunately passed away in May 2014, but there’s a doggy heaven too and she will be looking down on us.

    The breed

    Leonberger dogs are very large, powerful, muscular and well-proportioned dogs which are peaceful but with a lively temperament.

    • Colour:lion-colored, golden yellow to red-brown with a black mask. They may have black-tipped hair or be sand-coloured with dark-tipped hair
    • Coat:: very long, medium soft to coarse, close fitting with a good undercoat, never parted or curled, a mane on the neck and chest
    • Eye colour: very dark brown
    • Shoulder heigh: Males from 72 cm to 80 cm, females from 65 cm to 75 cm


    Very friendly ‘family dog’, very patient with children. Very affectionate to people, not a kennel dog! Yet very vigilant without excessive barking. A Leonberger is very aware of its strength so does not feel the need for incessant yapping. They love peace and quiet but have a medium temperament when playing or on walks.

    p>Of course, for such a large dog, it is very important that they are well trained from a young age.

  • Katzen


    Our cats are all sweet moggies in a variety of colourings - and their temperaments are also very different.

    Most of the cats live in the barn, stable and garden. They love to sleep under the bushes or in a sunny spot in summer. Sometimes they also visit us in the house and love to be petted - especially Chipsy and the large ‘tiger’, Carlos.

  • Schafe und Ziegen

    Sheep and goats

    A small herd of black and white sheep live with us on the farm! In the midst you will find our dwarf goat named ‘Mecki’ and her husband, ‘Jerry’. In early 2014, Mecki had a little kid goat - ‘Milly Marcia’. Since then, 2 more have arrived, ‘Ivy’ and ‘Mo’.

    All our sheep and goats recognise their name being called and love being fussed over by lots of children and being given tasty morsels to eat.

    The little lambs are always particularly sweet as they frolic on the meadow together.

  • Hasen


    Rabbits are our kids’ favourite animals.

    If given the choice, the kids would gladly spend all day around the rabbit hutch petting them - their fur really is very soft and fluffy. Sometimes the spot is taken up by our Leonberger dog, Balu, when he is sitting inside. We always have around 15 rabbits in various colours, from cola to cappuccino.

  • Enten & Hühner

    Ducks and chickens

    Our chickens have been with us since the start. They were given to us as a gift by a mountain farm in Piesendorf - 1 mother hen with her 4 chicks.

    As time went on, their numbers increased and we now have eggs every morning for the breakfast table. The head of the chicken family is ‘Rudi’ - he crows in the morning to let us know it is time to get up, but fortunately he is not so loud that he can be heard in the house.

    There are also a few ducks who waddle around. The first type we have are Muscovy ducks - they are slower and mostly stick around the house. The drake is called ‘Calimero’. ‘Fipsy’, who we raised ourselves in the house, is still alive and kicking as well.

    The second type are runner ducks with long necks - they always march in troops across the meadows and fields. Every day they head to the stream for a bath. The females quack in front and the males whizz along behind.

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