Farm holidays means getting to know the animal world!

Adventure farm Millinghof


We got our little Christmas miracle, Aiko, from my niece in 2020. He is a loyal soul, who does not leave our side. If he had his way he would be petted all day long. Aiko loves to play with our other animals, especially Willy, who he is always teasing. On sunny days he loves to bask in the sun.


Our cats are all sweet moggies in a variety of colourings - and their temperaments are also very different.

Most of the cats live in the barn, stable and garden. They love to sleep under the bushes or in a sunny spot in summer. Sometimes they also visit us in the house and love to be petted - especially Lumi and Feli.

Sheep and goats

A small herd of black and white sheep live with us on the farm! Lea and Leo, Flora, Valentino, Merle and Fee. In the midst you will find our dwarf goats named ‘Mecki’ her son “Oskar”, their friends Felix and Dean and our two “Saane-goats” Fritzi and Freddy.

All our sheep and goats recognise their name being called and love being fussed over by lots of children and being given tasty morsels to eat. The little lambs are always particularly sweet as they frolic on the meadow together.


Rabbits are our kids’ favourite animals.

If given the choice, the kids would gladly spend all day around the rabbit hutch petting them - their fur really is very soft and fluffy. They are looking forward to your visit

Ducks and chickens

Our chickens have been with us since the start. They were given to us as a gift by a mountain farm in Piesendorf - 1 mother hen with her 4 chicks.

As time went on, their numbers increased and we now have eggs nearly every morning for the breakfast table. The heads of the chicken family are ‘Rudi’ and “Toni” - they crow in the morning to let us know it is time to get up, but fortunately not so loud that they can be heard in the house.

There are also a few ducks who waddle around. Sometimes more – sometimes less, because the ducks like to run away. Currently, 2 runners are whizzing around between the chicken.

Pot-bellied pig

Our lucky charm is called Willy. She loves to dig around everywhere with her nose or play catch with other animals. Willy likes to be scratched whilst she is lying on her back. When she sleeps, she usually digs herself so deep into the straw, that you can only see her nose sticking out.