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Born on: 21 May 2000
Breed: Haflinger

I am Jessy, the daughter of July. I am a good beginner’s horse for both children and adults. I love lunges, jumping around, and am always very well-behaved during riding lessons. But what I love the most is going for a proper ride when I can let off some steam.

I’m a little bit afraid of tractors and trucks. Those giant things just look so fearsome *brrrrr*. In the summer I always get eczema that itches terribly and you have to rub me daily with ointment.

I am a modern bred Haflinger. This means: I am sportier than earlier Haflingers since we were mostly used for heavy work and not much for riding, unlike me. On the meadow, I am the leader of the mares. And July, my mother, means everything to me. Maybe we will see each other during a riding lesson, or just come to visit me if you like. Have fun!


Born on: 34.04.1996
Breed: Haflinger

Neigh! I am Lara and first came to Millinghof in April 2014. After many years, my owner sold me to the Dürlinger family.
I made many friends here on the farm - at the beginning we got into a couple of scuffles, but now we get on famously.
To start with I was a little unsure about riding, but I really enjoyed learning all the new things.
I am really looking forward to you visiting me since I love being petted and given things to nibble on :-)


Born on: 6 April 2001
Breed: Irish Tinker

I arrived here at Millinghof on 24 April 2005. At the start, things did not go too well, I was so thin and weak that I had no desire to do anything.

In Austria I passed through the hands of many traders and caught lice and mites at some point along the way. Then I was bought by an Upper Austrian Tinker breeder. 2 months later the Dürlinger family came and bought me. First of all they de-loused and nursed me back to health ... then came the work.

I was resistant to begin with but then the saddle and the bridle did not seem so scary anymore. But now I am used to it and have become quite a sweetie. I especially like kids and my favourite thing to do is go for a long ride. Cows are the only things I do not like. See you soon and have a nice day.


Born on: 28. May 2002
Breed: Irish Tinker

Hello, my name is Schakira. I moved into Millinghof on 24 September 2005. Back then I was young and had lots to learn.
First of all we did lunges but this soon became really boring. You just go round in circles after all. Then I learnt how to run in the paddock, although it is not as though I was not able to do anything - previously I had been out in the open and being ridden in a paddock is much harder.

The corners especially. Then they said that I would be a good broodmare. After all I am beautiful and am especially proud of my mane, what do you think of it? See you when you go riding - have a nice day.


Born on: 2.05.1997
Breed: Shetland Pony

I originally come from Heiligengrabe in Germany. In January 2013 I arrived at Millinghof after living a few years in Tyrol.

At Millinghof I felt right at home and most of the other animals took kindly to me. My best friend here is Onkel - he looks just like me. I am always in a good mood and love getting tasty treats and being petted by you!
I wish you all the best and hope you have a nice day.


Born on: 15. Juny 2008
Breed: Icelandic

Hi riding friends!
Originally I come from Iceland, there I got the name "Snaefaxi fra Arnporsholti". Unfortunately nobody here can pronounce it, so my name changed to LAKY.

When I was 5 years old, I was sent to Austria. I changed owners three times whilst here, until I finally landed at Millinghof in 2020. My special coat markings and good-natured character immediately convinced the riding instructors. I take pleasure in the pony walks and lunges, where children are taught how to ride. Sometimes I get my legs muddled up, which is why cantering in the arena as well as going for a ride in the surrounding area, is still a bit difficult for me. I am really happy when someone grooms me or gives me some treats.


Born on: 1. April 2019
Breed: Shetland pony

Yihaaaa- my name is Olaf.
I moved to Millinghof with my mom Rapunzel in the summer of 2019. I like it here. I have already found many playmates but I don't quite understand why some kids don't want to play with me! Some are even afraid of me, but I hope that will change soon. Maybe it is because I am still a bit wild and cheeky. I am still too young to be ridden, but I often accompany the rides as a hand horse. I would be happy if you would practice with me and help me with my training together with the riding instructor, so that I can soon become a good school pony. Maybe you can bring me something small to nibble on, but please no apples, because they don’t make me feel good.